Transom Windows

Transom Window Restoration and Replacement

A transom is the strong crossbar that goes over a door or window. A transom window goes over this crossbar, letting light and air in even when your door or main window is securely closed.

They’re easy to install and can provide an affordable window replacement, adding a stylish element to your home.


The Basics of Transom Windows

Transom windows are normally installed above the beam that differentiates the top of the door or window from the rest of the wall. They are available in different shapes, styles, designs and can range from an affordable window replacement to a luxurious custom-made window. If you’re replacing your door or window, you can opt for pre-mounted transom window. 

Unlike other windows, transom windows rarely open. Normally, they are used to allow light in, expand the view, or provide a decorative touch. If you choose a transom window that opens, you can operate it from the ground floor via electronic switch or metal rods on hinges.

The Benefits of Transom Windows

Style and Elegance: Transom windows add an additional architectural element between a window or door and a high ceiling, creating fullness. They can range from an affordable window replacement to a custom, opulent work of art. 

Sunlight: Transom windows allow more natural light in, brightening rooms and entrances.

Ventilation: If you choose a model that opens, a transom window can allow additional air movement in a residence, especially if you prefer to leave it open during a milder season.


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