Sliding Windows

Sliding Window Restoration and Replacement

Sliding windows provide a spacious view and fit nicely cramped spots behind counters or furniture.

With horizontal sashes that open smoothly to either or both sides, their huge glass areas, sleek look, and space-saving design could just be the ideal choice for your home.


The Basics of Sliding Windows

Replacement window companies often describe sliding windows as double-hung windows turned on their sides: the sashes simply transfer to one or both sides as opposed to up and down. You can choose to have one both sashes slide. During cleaning, the sashes hinge or lift out of the frame so you can do the job from inside your home.

With large, unblocked glass and plenty of airflow, quality replacement window companies like Lomax Window & Door Co. can furnish you with sliding windows that let light and air into large areas in your home. Since they don’t open outwards to create an obstruction, these windows can be unobtrusively placed near busy spots like patios and porches.

The Benefits of Sliding Windows

Great Visibility: The smooth, inconspicuous frame of a sliding window provides an excellent and unobstructed view.

Compact: Thanks to a sliding system that’s simple to operate and keeps the windows in line with the wall, these can fit into tight areas with ease.

Versatile: Replacement window companies can scale these windows up or down and pair them with a variety of exterior and interior trim and frame options and materials. Whatever look you seek, this window can be customized to match. 

Easy to Clean: Lift-out or hinged sashes supply easy access to the exterior of the window for cleaning.


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