Single-Hung Windows

Single-Hung Window Restoration and Replacement

Providing timeless style, single-hung windows let natural light and fresh air into your home at a fraction of the price of double-hung windows.

With a stationary upper sash, single-hung windows are a favorite for home window repair and replacement projects. They are energy-efficient, easy to operate, and can be made in any material and style to complement your home.


The Basics of Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung home window contains one operable sash that glides up and down from the bottom over the fixed upper sash. The bottom sash of single-hung windows can be made to tilt in, allowing you to clean the entire window from inside the home with a curved tool.

Since the top sash is stationary, single-hung windows are suitable in high spaces where the top sash is out of reach. The flat style of single-hung window optimizes space, making it a preferred home window repair option in bedrooms and high-traffic areas like patios.

The Benefits of Single-Hung Windows

Economical: Single-hung window manufacturing and installation is very cost effective, making them an excellent budget-friendly home window repair and replacement option. 

Energy Efficient: With only one mobile sash, single-hung windows provide little opportunity for climate-controlled air to escape when the window is closed.

Variety of Choices: Single-hung windows come in pretty much any color and material you’d like. Choose from wood, composites, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl in different finishes and colors.


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