Picture Windows

Picture Window Restoration and Replacement

Picture windows are the uncontested choice for making the most of a view.

These inoperable windows range in size from modest windows to floor-to-ceiling designs, and they let in copious quantities of light while creating the illusion of a larger space.

Choose from an array of frame materials, styles, and finishes for a residential window replacement that takes full advantage of land, sky, and sea.


The Basics of Picture Windows

Picture windows, also called fixed frame home windows, are non-operable windows. Without grilles, picture windows feature simple, sleek frames similar to artwork on a wall; some homeowners add grilles for a more historic look.

Picture windows are often combined with operable windows to add ventilation while making the most of a stunning view. A popular pattern called the XOX configuration flanks a large picture window with two operable windows. Double-hung windows are a common choice to combine maximum airflow with the incredible panorama offered by picture windows.

The Benefits ofPicture Windows

The Best View: This residential window replacement offers a full, clear view of your landscaping or outdoor scenery.

Maximum Light: Picture windows let in lots of all-natural light, making your area brighter and more inviting.

Big and Bold: Because they are inoperable, picture windows can have an extremely large glass size for a wide, dramatic effect. 

Optimal Energy Efficiency and Safety: Picture windows are among the most energy efficient windows out there since they don’t open.

Architectural Style: Picture windows add sweeping style to your room, especially when paired with other operable windows.


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