Wood Windows

A Classic Favorite

Wood has been a beloved building material for 10,000 years, and it isn’t going anywhere. Wood windows with a natural or stained interior, normally maintained by a sealer, provide a timeless elegance that modern materials simply cannot match.

Bringing beauty to our rooms, strength and rigidity to our window sashes and frames, and excellent insulation to our homes, wood is a longstanding favorite of every window replacement company.

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Unparalleled Style

Wood home windows are all about style, lending long-lasting beauty and value to any residence. They are a staple in many historic houses, though classic or more modern finishes add elegance to any home.

Double-hung and casement home windows usually come in wood, though other types, such as sliders and picture windows, are available from a window replacement company like Lomax. Regardless of the type, your wood window sashes and frames can be stained or painted to fit your custom project.

Naturally Resilient

To maximize durability and insulation, modern wood windows are typically made of pine or fir on the interior and extruded aluminum, PVC, or fiberglass on the exterior.

With the right sealants and paints, wood windows can last for over 30 years—even longer than aluminum and steel. And any window replacement company will tell you that wood-framed windows are exceptional insulators. Slowing the transmission of heat or cold, wood isn’t just beautiful; it’s an excellent historic energy-saving building material.


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