Vinyl Windows

An Affordable Option

Vinyl windows are the most cost-effective window type—some are almost half the price of their wood counterparts. That doesn’t mean, however, that vinyl windows are flimsy or cheap.

Vinyl window replacement costs may be low, but these windows are sturdy and wonderfully low maintenance, never requiring painting or scraping. A top-quality vinyl home window offers attractive design, energy efficient insulation, and an unmatched variety of colors and styles to suit your home.


So Many Choices

Want options? Vinyl replacement window costs may be impossible to beat, but you’re hardly limited to a few styles.

Our premium vinyl window manufacturers can make pretty much any colors and finish you can dream up, including a faux-wood look that blends in with historic homes.

From the type of window, number of glass panes, screen variety, and more, you can customize the look and function of your vinyl home windows to your heart’s content.

Resilliance You Can Rely On

Vinyl home windows are typically made from PVC, a plastic polymer used in many building items due to its strength and durability. You rely on it every day for basic functions in your home—wire insulation, plumbing pipelines, exterior trim and siding, doors, you name it. 

As the same material that keeps water safely in your pipes and electricity in its wires, vinyl is more than up to the challenge of weathering the elements. And vinyl window replacement costs aren’t the end of your savings; the multi-chambered structures in Lomax’s vinyl home windows reduce thermal transfer, saving you money on your monthly energy bill.


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