Fibrex Windows

A Composite Material to Weather Any Storm

Offered exclusively by Andersen Windows & Doors, Fibrex® is a specially engineered combination of reclaimed wood fibers on one side and thermoplastic polymer on the other. Twice as solid as vinyl, this composite material resembles wood on the frame and sash interior, but its polymer exterior performs extraordinarily well under extreme temperatures and conditions. 

Thanks to a one-of-a-kind fabrication, Fibrex® windows can outperform vinyl replacement windows both in sturdiness and style. Fibrex® windows repel rot, decay, and fungal growth, refusing to fade, blister, or peel over time and keeping your home pristine.


Blends into Any Home

Fibrex® may be a modern window material, but unlike most vinyl replacement windows, it fits right into historical homes. Fibrex® mimics the look of popular woods like maple and oak and includes stained and repainted wood interiors for architectural authenticity.

Your chosen stain or color penetrates the whole wood portion of the Fibrex® sash and frame, making paint unnecessary. However, you can choose to paint or stain the interiors of these windows at any time.

Industrial Strength

Each of Fibrex®'s timber components is protected PVC, so it doesn’t rot like regular wood. It’s also designed to avoid issues common to a wood and vinyl replacement window such as flaking, blistering, peeling, and splitting. Furthermore, Fibrex® blocks thermal transfer about 700 better than lightweight aluminum, keeping your home dry, draft free, and perfectly climate controlled.

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