The Beauty of Wood,the Strength of Metal

Add ware-resistant metal to classic wood windows with aluminum-clad windows from Lomax. Aluminum-clad windows offer extra protection against the elements with the time-tested style of real wood. They give you that authentic, historic look with a huge variety of custom frames, styles, and colors.


Timeless and Flexible Style

Lomax aluminum-clad wood windows are the ultimate choice for the style-conscious residential project. If your home is in an historic neighborhood or was built in or before the mid-19th century, these may well be the windows for you. Aluminum-clad wood windows are also ideal for cabin-inspired or newly constructed, upscale homes.

These brand-new, state-of-the-art windows may have modern insulation properties, but they blend in perfectly with the tasteful exterior and interior design of your house. Aluminum-clad wood windows also come in a fantastic variety of finishes and trims. Normally made of high-quality solid pine, fir, or mahogany, your window frames can be stained or painted virtually any way you choose.

Add Durability to Wood Windows

With the base of a wood window frame fitted with aluminum cladding on the outside, these windows add durability to classic wood windows.

Aluminum-clad windows are naturally resistant to issues like fading, denting, and air infiltration and therefore require very little maintenance. For an added barrier of protection, our manufacturers include a sturdy plastic liner and exterior drip edges to keep your home dry and insulated.


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