Historic Restoration Windows

Historice Restoration Windowsand Replacement

Get the best of both worlds with historic restoration windows.

Original hardwood sash windows are remarkably beautiful and add character to a home, and with an update, they can gain ease of use, resilience, and energy efficiency.

With historic window restoration from a trustworthy window supplier like Lomax, you can spruce up your windows while preserving the historical integrity of your home.


The Basics of Historic Restoration Windows

Historic restoration home windows preserve and update the hardwood materials and metal frames, sashes, and hardware used in your original windows. D

epending on when your windows were installed and what condition your windows are currently in, as your window supplier, Lomax may provide: 


  • Lead Paint, Oxidation, and Finish Removal
  • Deteriorated Part Replacement
  • Structural Mortise and Tenon Joint Repair
  • Glass Replacement or Double Pane Addition
  • Surface Preparation
  • Liquid Epoxy and Wood Filler
  • Sanding, Glazing, and Painting
  • Finish and/or Patina Application

The Benefits ofHistoric Restoration Windows

Quality Protection: Historic home windows often contain quality, old-growth timber. Historical reconstruction from a quality window supplier can make them as good as new.

Eco-Friendly: Window restoration uses far fewer materials for a planet-friendly update to your home. 

Modern Insulation: Depending on your project, new, modern-grade glass or additional panes can add insulation to your already solid windows. 

Easy to Operate: Replacing defective or rusty components of your windows will make them open, close, and lock with ease. Updated mechanisms can also prevent old windows from slamming shut.


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