Egress Windows

Egress Window Restoration and Replacement

Egress windows are a legal requirement in all finished basements, providing a means of escape during an emergency.

Your egress window can be a casement, sliding, or double-hung window large enough to accommodate an adult. If you’re turning your basement into a living space or bedroom, you can choose the best replacement windows to offer style, sunlight, and a refreshing breeze as well as peace of mind.


The Basics of Egress Windows

An egress window looks like a normal large window, but it must open fully to allow people to escape if there’s a house fire or other emergency. Egress windows have specific requirements set out by International Residential Code (IRC) and other local building codes.

For instance, they must:

  • Open without a tool
  • Offer a clear, unobstructed opening of at least 5.7 square feet
  • Have a window well dug underneath the window frame if the window is in a basement below ground level

The Benefits of Egress Windows

Legal Compliance and Safety: Egress home windows don’t just make your home compliant; they act as peace of mind in case of fire, flood, or other emergency.

Ventilation and Light: Basements can be dark and stuffy. The best replacement windows increase airflow and bring natural light into your basement.

Style Options: You can choose the best replacement windows for your remodel, including various materials and interior trim that brightens your living space.


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