Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Window Restoration and Replacement

Double-hung windows are common in many elegant homes. They ventilate without protruding into entertainment spaces such as porches and patios, and you can choose any material from premium wood to a vinyl window replacement.

These windows keep your home breezy when open and insulated when closed, and an optional grille pattern adds charm to historic or farmhouse-style homes.


The Basics of Double-Hung Windows

The sashes of a double-hung window slide vertically past each other in a user-friendly frame. The two sashes are stacked, meeting in the center of the frame, where you can latch them securely closed.

The two operating sashes of double-hung windows capitalize on the natural flow of air in a home. The top sash lowers to draw hot air out the window, while the bottom sash lifts to draw cooler air indoors. This is especially handy to ventilate stuffy upstairs rooms in multi-story homes, making double-hung windows a popular wood, aluminum, or vinyl window replacement.

The Benefits ofDouble-Hung Windows

Versatile: Whether as an affordable vinyl window replacement or a high-end custom wood style, double-hung windows can be tweaked to fit any home.

Air Conditioner Friendly: Double-hung windows can safely hold window AC units, with window screens easily coming off. 

Excellent Ventilation: You can ventilate almost any space with a double-hung home window, managing air movement by increasing or decreasing how far you open each sash. 

Easy to Clean: Both sashes of many Lomax double-hung windows tilt inward, and the screen can be fully removed. This makes cleaning double-hung windows a piece of cake.


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