Casement Windows

Casement Window Restoration and Replacement

Casement windows are one of the most popular types of window replacement for awkward spots in your home, such as high windows over a kitchen sink or shower stall.

They are as versatile as they are attractive, with a no-nonsense, user-friendly design and many material and hardware options. Upscale, larger versions can help you fully enjoy the view and breeze in any room.


The Basics of Casement Windows

Also called crank/crack out or roll-out windows, casement windows feature hinges on one side, allowing the window to swing outward to the opposite side. These windows easily open and close with a crank so users can operate them even in tight spaces.

The window screens are located on the interior of the window, where they are shielded from wear and tear. When open, they will provide wonderful airflow — in fact, they open widest of all window styles. When closed, they are fantastic insulators that keep your home comfortable and climate controlled. 

This type of window comes in a huge variety of trims, materials, and sizes. You can order the perfect combination to fit your home, be it a warm wooden finish or a modern, sleek fiberglass frame.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Flexible Design: While excellent for high windows in basements or above cabinets, casement windows are also a customizable and stunning addition to main areas in homes.

Easy to Use: Effortlessly open and close your windows using beautiful and practical window hardware.

Easy to Clean: No need to struggle to clean these types of window replacement; you can quickly clean the glass from inside your home with our user-friendly hinges.

Maximum Ventilation: Enjoy the fresh air with casement windows, which open wide to let the breeze in.


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