Andersen Windows & Doors

Why Choose Andersen?

Andersen Windows & Doors is an industry leader in the new residential, home improvement, and light industrial market segments. For well over a century, this major player has been creating a wide variety of upscale and cheap window replacement options as well as doors. Its products are trusted by The Home Depot as well as many building-supply dealers, business owners, and homeowners across the globe.

Andersen by the Numbers

  • Employs over 13,000 staff members
  • Serves over 30 production, distribution, and retail locations to provide both luxury and cheap window replacement
  • Operates in 3 countries (Canada, the United States, and Italy)
  • Holds 225 patents
  • Gives $4 million in annual charitable donations

About Andersen Windows & Doors

In every region it serves, Andersen Windows & Doors prioritizes quality, safety, and sustainability. Take a look at some of the ways Andersen is going green.

Green Energy

Andersen Windows & Doors has contributed significantly to solar yards, steam plants, and thermal energy both in their facilities and communities. For example, its 2.5 million square-foot cheap window replacement factory in Bayport, Minnesota is heated and cooled by its award-winning steam plant. This innovative system runs on recycled sawdust from their onsite milling center.

Environmental Stewardship

Andersen is constantly finding new ways to maximize its positive effect on the environment while decreasing its environmental impact. The company seeks to reduce pollution at the source; save natural deposits with reduction, reuse, and recycling; promote energy conservation; establish long-lasting products with little environmental impact; and continuously enhance environmental efficiency.

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