Bow Windows

Bow Window Restoration and Replacement

Bow windows follow an arced path made by a bowed wall on the exterior of your home. Usually comprised of three to six windows, bow windows provide sweeping panoramic views and a striking architectural focal point.

Whether you’re using a window replacement service or adding a bowed wall to your home, the timeless look of bow windows will boost your home’s appeal both inside and out.


The Basics of Bow Windows

Bow windows are usually custom-made by a window replacement service like Lomax to fit your unique space. Because they consist of multiple individual windows, bow windows are recommended for areas 7 feet or larger. Bow windows can even extend around the corner of a building, creating a stylish turret and providing a wide, 90° view. 

Some bow windows don't open, while others include operable panes. Double-hung, casement, and picture windows are all common choices for bow windows, and each window can range greatly in size, material, and finish.

The Benefits ofBow Windows

Architectural Charm: Bow windows add visual interest to a residence of any age and style.

Brilliant Light: With up to six window panels, bow windows bathe your home’s interior with light.

Panoramic Views: The arc of a bow window showcases the breathtaking views or tasteful landscaping.

Infinite Possibilities: You can customize a bow window in so many ways by choosing the number of panels, style of window, finish, hardware, and more.

Great Ventilation: If you select operable windows, a bow window provides excellent ventilation thanks to the number of panels.


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