Bay Windows

Bay Window Restoration and Replacement

No bay or alcove is complete without bay windows. Typically made up of three windows, bay windows bathe your alcove in light, creating a wonderful space for a breakfast table, reading nook, or plant haven.

Select different window styles, play with angles, or add architectural details with custom windows to personalize your space.


The Basics of Bay Windows

Double-hung home windows, casement windows, and picture windows are common options for bays. Let your imagination guide you: bay windows can be rectangular, polygonal, or arc-shaped, and they can use a range of materials and styles to match your home. 

You also have options for how to configure your custom windows. Choose double-hung windows of equal dimension for lots of ventilation, or select a larger center picture window with two smaller fixed home windows to maximize a beautiful view.

The Benefits of Bay Windows

Attractive: Bay windows provide a coveted aesthetic inside and outside your home. Your family will enjoy the brightly lit space, and the investment of bay windows adds value to your property.

Lots of Light and Airflow: With multiple windows within an alcove, bay windows illuminate an area enticingly throughout the daytime. If you choose operable windows, they can also create a soothing cross breeze.

Versatile: Custom window in a bay make for endless options. You can add an interior seating or relaxation area with plenty of atmosphere with windows in an array of materials, trims, and colors.


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